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Gigabit Ethernet Cartridge Interface Device


The Gigabit Ethernet Cartridge Interface Device (GigaCID) provides a replacement for the MicroCID or MultiCID as next generation ground support equipment for the Extended Data Transfer Cartridge (XDTC) and Advanced Data Transfer Cartridge (ADTC).



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The GigaCID is the next generation ground support equipment for Advanced and Extended Data Transfer Cartridges (ADTC, DTC, MDTC, and GDTC). The GigaCID is designed as the OEM replacement for the MicroCID with 100% backward compatibility with high speed download capability, improved host PC interface and direct Gigabit Ethernet interface to the local


  • Implements plug & Play with current software API for Windows XP/7(32/64)/10
  • Internal technology refresh for computational engine eliminates obsolete parts
  • Eliminates SCSI interface and no longer requires host SCSI adapter card
  • Improve I/O performance by up to 4X
  • Significantly improved user interface for status and control
  • Automatic detection and support for all supported cartridges


  • Gb Ethernet (RJ-45 copper)
  • Universal AC facility power

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