Mission Planning System (MPS)

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ITI’s Mission Planning System (MPS) is a comprehensive, tactical aircraft route planning and analysis tool developed as the modern Win 10 plug and play replacement for GE Aviation’s MMSS. The MPS is used to automate the process of aircraft routing for a single aircraft or an entire air campaign. With this purpose in mind, the goal of MPS is to allow pilots, navigators, and commanders, the ability to plan routes for air assets in which desired objectives are met and the assets are returned safely to the ground. Once a mission is planned, the data can be stored onto a data transfer cartridge by using a Cartridge Interface Device (CID) and then loaded onto the aircraft.


  • Modern Win 10 Plug and Play replacement for GE Aviation’s MMSS Mission Planning
  • Comprehensive planning unit
  • Specialized data analytics
  • 3D Imaging
  • Configurable for any type of aircraft