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The TeraStore storage solution is an SSD management appliance supporting mission critical and enterprise level high capacity backup solutions with unprecedented throughput and



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The TeraStoreis implements the NVMe standard enabling use of commercially available SSDs connected using both M.2 and PCIe card form factors with high reliability persistence with memory-class performance.


  • Over 7x faster than the fastest SATA connected SSD with write speeds as high as 3.5GB/s with currently available SSDs supporting NVMe
  • Supports both PCIe and M.2 card form factors as well as U.2 SSDs
  • Adaptable single drive bay support non-card based SSDs including internally mounted, lockable and/or removable SSDs up to 3.5” form factor
  • TeraStore SSD management utility apps enable easy SSD access
  • Custom application protocol interfaces available for improved integration and performance
  • Front panel full color smart touch screen display for status and information
  • Out Of Band (OOB) management support
  • Security event transmission using RFC 5424 interface
  • Automatic SSD detection and mounting
  • Energy efficient low power design supporting universal AC power input


  • 4 – 10Gb Ethernet (RJ-45 copper)
  • 1 – Out-of-band Management Gb Ethernet (RJ-45 copper)

Options available for purchase with this product:

  • TI-TS-3.5-NVKIT  –  3.5” drive mounting kit with NVMe to M.2 Cable
  • ITI-TS-CUSKIT  –  Custom kit to install and interconnect user specified SSD
  • ITI-TS-LH-KIT  –  Custom locking handle kit for user specified removable SSD